Sedacia súprava Caresse Fly

Sedacia súprava Caresse Fly

Ďalší veľmi úspešný model verzie Caresse.

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Úspech verzie Grand Comfort zrodil tento model s pevným dreveným základom, ktorý dodáva sedačke pocit ľahkosti a pohodlia.Rozmery od 230 cm do 320 cm, možné aj rohové riešenie.

design Alessandro Dalla Pozza

From the success of the Gran Comfort version comes the version with a wooden base where negating the base increases the sensation of lightness and the soft invitation of the seat. Sofas from 230 to 320 cm, also sofas with chaiselongue and corner solutions.


The sofa rests on a base of solid walnut stained oak or night grey painted.


Pouf; Back cushions; Decorative cushions.


The seat cushions are of the highest quality sterilised, sanitised and disinfected hypoallergenic feather with a polyurethane insert. The back cushions are ornamental feather cushions in various sizes.


The upholstery can be in removable fabric and in leather.


The internal structure in solid pine and poplar plywood supports the system of elastic spring bands.